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These articles describe the Endeavour open source technologies and services.

The objectives of the technologies can be summarised as :

If health related data is brought together at the level of the individual in close to real time, at the level of a medium size residential population, and made available via ontologies and common data models, and then subsequently used for individual and population based decision support, great benefits to health can accrue.

These technologies form part of a broader set technologies, many of which have been adapted and used by a large scale NHS London Data linkage and normalisation Service covering a population of 7 million registered citizens.

These pages can be categorised into the main areas as follows:

  • Information modelling. Describes an approach to modelling ontologies and data models, together with query, using main stream semantic web languages.
  • Information model services. Describes the Endeavour terminology server and applications designed to aid with modelling information, building libraries of artefacts such as value sets, query definitions and data models.
  • Decision support services. Describes a set of internationally used health prediction functions, access via Web APIs
  • Address matching (UPRN ASSIGN) application and APIs, which use a transparent assured and published approach to matching addresses in order to allocate a UPRN
  • Health record APIs. Describes a set of APIs for accessing health records using FHIR.
  • Architectures of data service. Describes a high level architecture for a service, based on these technologies, that processes millions of patient records.
  • Github pages. Lists a number of github sites containing the repositories holding the open source software that implements the services