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Endeavour Prediction tools

Endeavour provides services that use open source algorithms to help professionals and patients make decisions about health in order to to prevent illness and death.

The algorithms are designed by experts in the field of clinical epidemiology and data science, and are all openly published in peer reviewed articles in main stream health journals.

The algorithms are made available as a set of services via Web sites and APIs, with all source code available as open source. Each algorithm is given a trademarked name, available for use under license. Note that whilst the code is open source, the algorithms are owned by Universities. Thus the trademarks exists to help users to have confidence in the quality of the implementation, and to fund ongoing updates maintenance and research. The algorithms are regularly reviewed and the versions updated to ensure that new knowledge is brought rapidly to decision making.

For each tool, there are a set of resources covering,

  • Information on this wiki, including documentation of the health record query rules for auto completion of variable values.
  • Links to sign up information for use of the APIs in test mode
  • Links to Github for the open source
  • Links to developer portals (Swagger pages ) for the APIs, including the algorithm APIs, the Endeavour IM Concept set (FHIR value sets ) API, and other supporting APIs
  • Links to the Endeavour IM for of concept set definitions and rule definition viewing.

Concept sets (FHIR Value sets)

The statistical models use sets of concepts to determine the independent variables. Often referred to as reference sets (Snomed) or Value Sets (FHIR) ,All concept sets used in Endeavour are available on the Endeavour ontology server via the Endeavour IM at

with the Swagger for the FHIR Value set API at

Information model (data model)

This is available to view at

Prediction scores

Please note that at this current time, these services are not available for use in a live environment and must not be used. The following information is made available in advance of go-live

At this time, each predication algorithm has its own set of API end points and the information specific to each score is held in the following sections.

The following algorithms are supported.