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Service information

  • The service currently stores and processes the data from 28 million linked organisational patient records in the UK.
  • The service contains long term records on 14 million unique UK citizens who have been resident in London at some point in the last 30 years (including people who have left or died).
  • Data in Discovery is submitted by health providers who provide primary, secondary, and urgent care services to patients or clients.
  • Data is kept up to date in close to real time - at worst within 24 hours; see
  • Case studies - An overview of some initial projects that access and utilise data from Discovery; information includes the applicant, project summary, and the latest status (Development/Live).
  • Latest news - The latest information for all Discovery Data Service releases and changes, plus known issues and updates from system suppliers and other third parties.
  • Current data sets - the broad types of data received from various systems.
  • Current published data - provides the latest data publisher information by sector, geographical area, service, and system provided

Publishers and subscribers

These articles provide some brief high level information for organisations that send data to Discovery and those that use that data.

  • Publishers - includes technical interface information, FHIR mapping, system requirements, and how to make changes to publishing services.
  • Subscribers - includes set up, data mapping, and schema information.
  • Latency of extract data feeds includes information on the time between entry into source systems and the availability via the service.

Example APIs

NHS 111 Discovery flagging / Frailty algorithm which provides decision support for the NHS 111 service

HL7v2 API - Send HL7v2 ADT and ORU (clinical events) data to Discovery.

Application help

  • Data Sharing Manager - Data Sharing Manager provides a visual representation of data that is being shared and processed and by which organisations, regions, and/or services.
    You can also amend or cancel data sharing and processing agreements in real time.
    Record Viewer - Record Viewer shows a combined view of an individual's patient records, using data from different source organisations.
    Jira - Jira is an effective way to share and track information and helps to make sure that tasks and issues are completed, and signed off, by all relevant teams.