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As of September 2020 The following table shows the data sets that are currently published to the DDS by different supplier systems:

Data sets EMIS Web SystmOne Vision Adastra Cerner Millenium Rio Medway
Primary care GP Primary care community Primary care GP Primary care community Primary care GP Out of hours A&E Inpatient Outpatient ADT Feed Community Hospital
Appointments !
Care episodes ! !
Diagnoses !
Documents ! ! ! !
Encounters/consultations !
Family history
Follow ups/diary recall
Free text ? ?
Inpatient activity !
Non-scheduled activity
Outpatient activity !
Patient demographics !
Questions & answers
Referrals !
Test orders
Test results/Pathology results

= Data sets available and published to the DDS
= Data sets available but not published to the DDS
? = Data sets applied for but not currently available
! = Data sets coming soon
= Not applicable

Last update: 3 September 2020

Last review: 18 May 2021

See also: Current published data


  1. includes signs, symptoms, biological values, and pathology.